Private label

Rimi's vision is to make every day a little easier through an inspiring store experience, good pricing and a wide variety of products. To fulfill this promise to our customers, we've created our own brand line.

Products under the Rimi name are created to meet all of families' needs:


every kid would vote for another portion of our ice-cream or breakfast cereals


every mom would appreciate high meat content in sausage, healthy dairy or wholegrain products


every dad would like to save time by choosing a trusted brand for a better price




The Rimi product range is created under a trusted name where quality, safety, freshness and affordable prices meet. The products are created to meet all family’s needs and to become their favourite choice. For Rimi brand products only high quality and safe ingredients are used, and their production is entrusted to verified partners with proven experience. The flavour of each product is evaluated during tasting by demanding team of experts. Rimi brand product assortment is created considering everyday family’s needs: healthy diary products, fruits and vegetables, grains, breakfast cereals, qualitative fresh meat from safe origin, and lots of other products. Rimi name on the packaging is the guarantee of constant high quality of our products!

All Rimi products are carefully tested in laboratories and thoroughly monitored to make sure they meet our high standards. Our manufacturers comply with our strict quality, environmental and social policy. This means that Rimi controls not only product content, but also how suppliers comply with safety standards in the manufacturing process, makes sure that the company treats employees properly and does not harm the environment.

Selection by Rimi

Selection by Rimi is a product line of exceptional quality and exquisite taste. We called this line Selection by Rimi because each product is specially selected for true enjoyment!

Rimi Basic

Rimi Basic is a product line for your family's everyday life. You will find simple products under the Rimi Basic name under all product categories. Everything starting from products for everyday cooking - sugar, butter, salt, bread, milk, cottage cheese, etc., to products for holiday meal preparation - tuna, crab sticks, marinated herring fillets, nuts and dried fruit. Rimi Basic products are the right choice for those who want to buy simple value for money products. These are products which have been carefully tested and whose suppliers meet the same strict Rimi quality, environmental and social policy.


A range of custom selected products to meet widest range of customer needs.


Good, affordable and functional base ware. For us at ICA quality is an important part of our life, that`s why we choose products of good quality. A constant development based on consumers needs and trends.

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Other brands

Other brands are brands that are owned by Rimi or ICA. These are products that have been carefully tested and suppliers meet the same strict Rimi / ICA quality, environmental and social policy. Best know brands are: Poesia, Gardener, Virtuoso, Loving touch etc