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  • Rimi celebrates 20th anniversary with Shopping for Future conference
09 June, 2017
Rimi celebrates 20th anniversary with Shopping for Future conference

This year Rimi celebrates its 20th anniversary since started its operations in Baltics. First store was opened in Latvia and today Rimi is one of leading retailers in Baltics with 258 stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

During the past 20 years Rimi has always looked for best assortment and experience offering for our customers. In the current fast-paced and changing digital environment Rimi has developed a mobile application, self-checkout solution, loyalty card kiosk and program that offers personalized offers for our loyalty card members and many more digital solutions to make every day little easier for our customers and also suppliers.

In the next 5 years, retail will change more than it has in 50 years before. What does the future hold for retail? What choices and services will be offered? Will we all go digital or spend more time in supermarkets? Why should supplier chains change and what will their consumers’ demands be? These are the questions on top of mind for Rimi in order to continue a successful journey and stay competitive and attractive for many more years to come.

On June 8, 2017 Rimi hosted Shopping for Future , the biggest international conference in Baltics, focusing on the development of the retailing sector and shopping trends for decades to come. Rimi employees and suppliers had an opportunity to listen to the internationally acclaimed speakers and retail professionals on site or watch the live stream of the conference online. Recording of the conference and more detailed information about guest speakers is available at