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  • Rimi Lithuania’s #AgeDoesNotMatter campaign wins prestigious awards
26 March, 2019
Rimi Lithuania’s #AgeDoesNotMatter campaign wins prestigious awards

Every second resident in Lithuania has been discriminated due to age when trying to find a job. In order to raise public awareness, Rimi initiated a social experiment that spread through social networks - in a month and a half the video received about half a million views on YouTube and Facebook.​

"Age is not and can not be important when trying to find a job - we are all different and complement each other, creating the best team", says Dovilė Buinickaitė-Struckienė, head of HR at Rimi Lithuania. "For many years, Rimi has been employing people of all ages, including older people, and at the moment even one third of our more than 3,000 employees are 50+", states Dovile Buinickaite-Struckienė.

During the campaign in November-December, 2018, the number of employees in the age category 50+ hired at Rimi grew by as much as 62 percent, the oldest hired person is 84 years old and the number of vacancies in the company compared to 2017 decreased by 53 percent.